voice extender
Procedure art. Immaterial artwork, photographic documentation, 2020


Fake pandemic statistics, death by regime, Chinese big-bro 5G dictatorship, freedom annihilation through censorship, fear and fines. People caught in smartphone spider webs must return to human communication and humane interaction. Bring back dignity to body parts that have been demonized.

Collaborate to the project of the conceptual artwork entitled "voice extender" taking part in the 4th edition of the contest ME BENNA YOU BENNA 2020.

4th edition

The original work of art “voice extender” is basically conceptual and immaterial, but it is documented by the photographic pictures made by people who follow the instructions on how to take them. The holders who are in possession of the picture along with the certificate of authenticity are free to resell the immaterial artwork as any ordinary work of art and eventually print one copy of the photograph.


Guidelines to take the photograph for documentation and the submission

  1. With the help of someone or using a stand like a tripod, take a frontal and symmetrical photograph of your (or someone else’s) hands making some sort of amplifying funnel around the open mouth like when shouting "O" out loud. See the example drawings to get a loose idea.
  2. Only the mouth and the full hands are relevant, you can even cover the eyes with the fingers or properly reclining the head back: the picture can look impersonal and anonymous.
  3. Take the picture against a neutral background (e.g. a smooth wall or a clear sky.)
  4. The picture must show only bare skin, or hair: no clothes, rings, jewels, piercings, tattoos or other artificial things are allowed and in case they will be removed by image editing.
  5. The pictures meeting the requirements and getting the artist's approval will be slightly processed to meet an overall consistency and then returned along with a certificate of authenticity.
  6. By sending the pictures, the participants implicitly grant the use, the modification and the publication of the material sent. The name of the participants can be either credited or undisclosed and anonymous.
  7. The full-resolution original picture must be submitted to for the certification process. Possible rejections are incontestable.


Procedure art (not to be confused with procedural art) is a locution coined by the artist to describe a kind of relational or social art where the author releases to the public a procedure (i.e. instructions) to create the work of art itself. Read the manifesto.

Voice extender” is Benna's third procedure artwork, following “owning darkness”, 2016, and “socialnetwork”, 2013. Also this time it is granted for free to a very limited number of people, in occasion of ME BENNA - YOU BENNA 2020, 4th edition of the contest that occurred before in 2015, 2013 and 2009.

The artwork “voice extender” can be considered the conceptual continuation of two previous performances entitled “all rods lead to Rome”, 2016 (played in Italy), and “artists and the caveman”, 2017 (presented at Sophia Underground in Bulgaria), where first the rod or walking stick, then the allegory of the Plato's Cave were the featured archetypical elements, while now the protagonist is the call amplified with the hands, as described by the artist's words:

«People need to communicate more by their own means, using their own body, their natural power of living beings, not electronic devices. We can call those who are distant, at human and humane distances, we can send them our message using our own body, becoming the medium. At first I thought about a procedure artwork to build a very simple paper funnel, like a megaphone, as a symbol, but I got right away that was not so immediate, radical and readily available in any condition or in cases of extreme danger, so the choice of using the bare hands was natural.
Calling live we convey not only our message but also our spiritual essence, which cannot be mediated by any device, thus making stronger empathic relations.»