Procedure art, immaterial artwork, 2020

Proboscis: e. Greek pro + boskis, supporting feeding.

«Dumbo needs a proboscis to get food.
Dumbo needs a proboscis to emit noise.»


(See the example drawing below as a reference.)
  1. Take a medium or long sleeve sock or stocking, the colour you like, either mint new or worn and torn.
  2. Lay the sleeve flat with the heel on top, so that the malleoli are at the sides. With the scissors make one cut along and in the middle of the sleeve to separate it in two flaps, cutting both layers of the fabric perpendicularly from the opening toward the heel, about 20-30 cm depending on the size of your head and fabric’s elasticity. The proboscis is ready.
  3. Wear the proboscis putting your mouth and nose in the opening and tying the two flaps to the back of the head.
  4. Now go to a public space and take a self-portrait where people can see you wearing the proboscis.
Optionally, you can send the photographic proof of your performance to to get the authenticity certificate and officially own the artwork. The photograph has the sole purpose of proof, but you may opt to grant its use as testimonial, in this case send also a statement and the name to be published.


Procedure art (not to be confused with procedural art) is a locution coined by the artist to describe a kind of relational or social art where the author releases to the public a procedure (i.e. instructions) to create the work of art itself. Read the manifesto.