Procedure art, immaterial artwork, 2021

What is a cryptocurrency? A virtual value bound to security codes. Are these codes really secure? Any engineer can tell you that there is no absolute security in computer science, all is relative to computing power. Already today military-level dedicated hardware can break the most secure encryption keys in minutes, and tomorrow?
In short, a cryptocurrency is not for security, but another way to mark and enslave you.*

Benna Gaean Maris’ conceptual work of procedure art “cryptocurrency” is a provocation to subvert or reinvent the concept of cryptovalue, restoring the meaning of value by moving it back where it should be: inside your mind.
The way to achieve that is so basic, so simple: the moral obligation, the debt or word of honour.
By sealing a debt or credit of honor with someone, you can have transactions without any paper, device, currency, contract. You just need to be loyal and honest, grateful. You can seal the pact with just a look in each other’s eyes, or by swapping energy with a handshake.

* Let’s say it clear: a cryptocurrency is an idea to enslave people even more than ever. This cryptographic “culture” wave is just the tip of the banking iceberg, that pushes for a subdued world through electronic volatile money which is not in your hands, but theirs. You can see how they lure the new generations of youngsters to the new electronic slavery by pushing their penetration tactics with any persuasion and collateral bait: virtual-art investment, games, easy money, money for ads, money out of the hat, money giveaways.
Cryptography is by itself the seed of evil: with it you fix in a contract any action, any move, any transaction you do, you make them identify you, even if the enthusiasts of this technology think instead that just the opposite is true, to be secure and protected. Illusion: cryptography is the archetypal way to identify everything, bounding and tying it to a key, a mark.

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