arbitrary screen resolutions

Multi-channel video installation, 25 silent still frames, variable sizes, 2014-2015

The video installation “arbitrary screen resolutions” was premiered in 2018 at the solo exhibition “From Garbage to Infinite” curated by Manzi Yang for the 16:9 Gallery, Lawrence Technological University, Southfield, U.S.A.
The installation is composed of 25* single-channel videos, variable size and measures, colour, silent, each one consisting of a single still frame (e.g. digital pictures and yet considered as infinitely singular momenta shown through digital means) in diverse non-standard or standard resolutions, conceived to be screened on a large variety of equipments, ranging from tiny thumb-sized cell-phone displays, to ordinary old CRT or gallery flat-screens, to 4K and 8K Digital Cinema.
* 29** for The Wrong Biennale - VLW, completing all to 8K, plus one single black pixel on a 16K blank screen. ** UPDATE: added two more special versions of golden poo in "16K OVERSIZE" and "3D ANIMATED" (a flat poo flying through an anaglyph 3D empty space), totalling 31 pieces.

This artwork criticises from one side the standardisation that forces artists to stick to predetermined video formats, and from the other side the emptiness of mainstream entertainment proposing eye-candy special effects and charming aesthetics featured in extremely high resolutions, but with weak and specious concepts or teachings behind, while TV commercials stuff the brain with a consumeristic junk chaos. Flaunting acquired skills instead of innate expression, students and operators forgo freedom striving for and conforming to the latest high-definition standard. In the end, the purpose is profit.

The installation is subdivided in four sub-topics:
As resolution changes, infinite remains always the same: the concept of infinite needs no higher screen resolutions, as it is the smallest idea human mind would ever conceive, like nothingness.
golden poo
Scat and money: all in all that’s what mainstream media and commercial TV push into people’s brain. Conversely, the poo enlarges proportionally to resolution, yet holding no further content.
garbage 3D
Special effects to make junk even more real. Red-cyan stereo anaglyph glasses are not necessary to grasp the concept.
best approximated representation of infinite in HD resolution
One single black pixel in the middle of a blank screen: this element concludes the installation returning on the concept of both infinite and infinitely small, which will never be reached by whatever most advanced digital resolution.
infinite 76×59
infinite 320×200
infinite 542×237
infinite 688×430
infinite 720×576
infinite 1025×615
infinite 761×992
infinite 1920×1080
infinite 3840×2160 (4K)
infinite 7680×4320 (8K)
golden poo
golden poo 76×59
golden poo 320×200
golden poo 542×237
golden poo 688×430
golden poo 720×576
golden poo 1025×615
golden poo 761×992
golden poo 1920×1080
golden poo 3840×2160 (4K)
golden poo 7680×4320 (8K)
golden poo 15360×8640 (16K)
golden poo 3D ANIMATED (1920×1080 red-cyan anaglyph)
garbage 3D
garbage 3D CGA
garbage 3D SD PAL
garbage 3D HD
garbage 3D UHD 4K
garbage 3D UHD 8K
best approximated representation of infinite in HD resolution
best approximated representation of infinite in HD resolution
best approximated representation of infinite in UHD 4K resolution
best approximated representation of infinite in UHD 8K resolution
best approximated representation of infinite in UHD 16K resolution

A very small dot pitch of the screen may prevent you to spot the black pixel in the center of the pictures above, and yet it is there in its finite and definite blackness and squareness.
You may make use of a lupe, or click the sample video below, limited to HD resolution, ending with a 64X magnification of the black pixel.

Please set 1080p quality from YouTube settings (gear icon)